Welcome to Hot Male Escort Guide, an international Male Adult Service directory. Our research shows that since 2012 and 2013, the Male Escort industry is changing seriously and it’s changing considerably fast and the interest of booking a date with a male escort companion is becoming more fashionable.


Since there is now a growing demand for quality male escort companions who are serious and passionate about their work and aim to provide top quality and have the real skill of a true boyfriend experience to affluent  ladies and gentlemen in their cities, nationwide or internationally.


If you are tired of Male Escort companions who don't seem to fit the bill for you, then please do take a look at our featured Male Escort Companions, because we believe we have a selection of  hot and fabulous companions  for you, around the world.


As a directory, we are not here to list or promote any male escort. Whether you are searching for a super fit handsome male escort companion for an evening date or a travel companion, Hot Male Escort Guide aims to feature the High Class of male adult service providers.


We believe , High class does not mean high price but rather , High class means Professional photos, Passionate about their profession, spending Quality time, well Educated gentlemen and Confident individuals.

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Male Escorting just got Serious!

Male Escorting just got Serious!

We are a directory that aims in promoting quality male escorts companions services around the world, who are very serious and passionate about their profession, weather you work as full time or part time escort.


We do not approve of male escorts who do not take pride in their work on our Hot directory because, the Male Escorting industry is changing seriously and fast, and this is why we as a directory want to promoting ONLY Serious Male Escorts

Companions worldwide.


We will not accept male escort who do not take pride in their work, by taking very bad or low quality photographs of themselves. We also do not approve of pornographic images on our directory however; we will consider an artistic nude type of photography.


We believe the way you present your self is the type of clients you are hoping to meet therefore; we do not list or advertise male escorts who we do not consider to be serious male companions.


High Class does not mean high price.

High class means Professional,

Passionate, Quality, Educated and Confident. Are you what clients are looking for? Are you of High class standard ?


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